Interpol at 100: Improving the Organization’s Legal Framework

L’Organisation internationale de police criminelle (Interpol) organise, à l’occasion de son centenaire, une journée d’études sur le thème :

Interpol at 100: Improving the Organization’s Legal Framework

L’évènement aura lieu à Lyon le 12 avril prochain, de 9h à 17h. Il sera aussi accessible en ligne.

Téléchargez le programme en cliquant ici, et trouvez les modalités d’inscription sur ce lien.

Ci-dessous la description de l’évènement fournie par l’Organisation :

In 2023, INTERPOL celebrated the centenary of the adoption of the Constitution of the International Criminal Police Commission, the Organization’s institutional predecessor. Despite (or precisely because of) its venerable age, the Organization has taken on an institutional patina, as can be seen from a number of atypical features of its legal framework and legal status. To confront misconceptions and folklore about INTERPOL and to promote discussion and analysis of the current legal situation of the Organization, a one-day conference will be convened at its General Secretariat in Lyon. This project aims to contribute to the clarification of some important legal aspects of the Organization, and thereby to the strengthening of the Organization’s legal framework. Hosted by INTERPOL, the Lyon Dialogues are a series of conversations building understanding of law enforcement and organized crime, and the impact on international affairs and national security.

The panelists will be high-level INTERPOL officials and renowned experts in international law: Sir Michael Wood; Prof. Kristina Daugirdas; Prof. August Reinisch and Prof. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes. The four panels will be monitored by Prof. Niels Blokker and Dr. Brian McGarry. Panels will be held on membership and representation, mandate and decision-making, external relations and compliance and allocation of responsibilities.

The event will be held in English in a hybrid format and will be free of charge. Registration to attend in person is open until Thursday 4 April and to attend online, registration is open until Monday 8 April.