Call for Abstracts : Yearbook of International Disaster Law

The Yearbook of International Disaster Law (YIDL) aims to foster the interest of academics and practitioners on legal and institutional issues relevant to all forms of natural, technological and human-made hazards, including rapid and slow onset disasters, but excluding events such as armed conflicts or political/financial crises per se.
The goal is to provide a forum for innovative research contributing to the international legal and policy debate related to prevention, mitigation, response and recovery phases in disaster scenarios.
The YIDL is a peer review journal published by Brill and is available in printed and on-line form.

The YIDL contains four different sections : a Thematic Section, a General Section, International disaster law in practice and Bibliographical index and book reviews.

The Editors welcome submissions of abstracts for the ‘Thematic’ and ‘General’ Sections in the Yearbook of International Disaster Law Vol. No. 3 (2020).

Suggestions for books reviews are also welcomed for recently published books addressing any aspect of international disaster law.

Abstracts for potential papers to be published in the ‘Thematic’ and ‘General’ articles sections of the YIDL shall be sent by 31st October 2020 at the e-mail address:
Abstracts should be between 700 and 1.000 words. Authors are also kindly requested to attach a short curriculum vitae to their e-mail.

Schedule and details related to the selection and the double-blind peer-review processes can be found in the Call for Abstracts.