“So little done, so much to do…”

                        Dear Members of the SFDI,                         “So little done, so much to do…” This strong thought is attributed to Sir Cecil Rhodes (not a very recommendable patronage in these times!) on his deathbed. I am not at this end but I very sincerely feel this feeling as I leave the presidency of our Society, […]

Letter of the President

Dear members of the SFDI, Dear followers, who visit this page, You’ve already received a few dozen messages like this… It’s even coming rather late because we wanted to wait as long as possible to be sure that it was not possible to keep the promising Toulouse colloquium on the scheduled dates (28 and 29 […]

The worst is not always certain, but we must act!

In the “President’s word” of September 2018, I expressed concerns – without originality (but it is not a reason not to sound the alarm) – about the new crisis in international law and I was wondering about the role that we, lawyers, and more particularly the SFDI and its members, can play in trying to […]